Spicy Chicken Wings

Spicy Chicken Wings

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So you get home from work and you realize you didn’t take anything out of the freezer for dinner, again! UGH! Then you remember that you have Costco chicken wings in the freezer and you just bought a bottle of Da Vine Food’s Lilikoi Chili Pepper Sauce.

You can make this quick and super easy recipe that the whole family will love. Because the wings are baked they are healthier than the ones you get at restaurants that are breaded and fried. Served with some vegetable sticks and a healthy grain like quinoa, you’ve got a healthy dinner.

These chicken wings get nice and crisp because they are cooked on a cookie cooling rack. The heat and air get around the entire wing and they aren’t sitting in their own grease when cooking.

Yield:8 wingsTotal Time:0:25


  • 8-10 Chicken Wings per person (I buy the Costco ones that are already separated)
  • 1 cup Da Vine Foods Lilikoi Chili Pepper Sauce
  • ¼ cup Butter


Time:Prep 5 minsCook 20 minsTotal 0:25
  1. Pre Heat oven to 500 degrees
  2. Line Jelly roll pan with Aluminum Foil.
  3. Place the cookie cooling rack on the pan.
  4. Use your spray oil to coat the cookie cooling rack (I use olive oil).
  5. Put the wings on the cookie cooling rack. Leave a little space between them.
  6. Put them in the pre-heated oven. I have a convection oven so I put them on roast at 500 degrees (adjust accordingly to your oven settings). Roast for 20 minutes.
  7. While the wings are roasting, put the Lilikoi Chili Pepper Sauce and the butter in a small sauce pan. Heat over medium high heat until the butter melts. Simmer until chicken is done.
  8. Put the cooked chicken wings into a large mixing bowl. Pour the Lilikoi Chili Pepper Sauce with the butter over the wings and toss using tongs.
  9. Put wings on a plate and serve with ranch or blue cheese dressing.
  10. Garnish plate with celery and carrots.


Supplies you will need:

Cookie cooling rack
Spray Oil
Jelly roll pan
Aluminum foil

You can do this with other chicken parts as well. You will have to adjust the cooking time.

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