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All of our products are hand-crafted on the Big Island of Hawaii, made with love, and naturally gluten-free.

Passion Fruit Chili Pepper Sauce

(13 customer reviews)

Pumehana translated from Hawaiian means “warm up.”  It has the perfect blend of tropical heat.

Bring a little zing to any meal. Delight in the sweet, tart, and spicy flavors of the passion fruit chili pepper sauce …never too hot, but always full of flavor!

Farm fresh lilikoi blended with mild sun-ripened chili peppers and garlic to create an unforgettable and delightful taste.

12 oz

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13 reviews for Passion Fruit Chili Pepper Sauce

  1. J Brady Duncan (verified owner)

    Delicious in stir fry or with any seafood.

    • Rochelle Anderson (store manager)

      So glad you are enjoying our Passion Fruit Chili Pepper Sauce. Stir Fry and Seafood are perfect.
      Thank You, Rochelle

  2. Debi Milham (verified owner)

    Delicious! This purchase was gifts. Our friends and relatives can’t get enough of this sauce. We/they use it in so many ways. Everything is better with some of this sauce!!

  3. Holly Kaplan (verified owner)

    There is no match for this chili pepper sauce. I had some while visiting the islands & was not able to find any later to be sent to the mainland. I don’t like the burn I get peppers-this sauce has a terrific pepper taste without the burn, thanks to the exquisite addition of lilikoi. I hope to always have some in my kitchen.

  4. Lani (verified owner)

    Great sauce for many different uses

  5. Mary (verified owner)

    On our last trip to Maui when we visited Duke’s, a similar product was on their coconut shrimp. I pursued looking and found this sauce. We love it and next time I will order the 4-pack and save some money!!

    • Rochelle Anderson (store manager)

      Aloha Mary,
      I absolutely love our lilikoi chili pepper sauce on shrimp! so glad you have discovered this wonderful tropical taste.
      Thank you for the great review!


  6. Greg (verified owner)

    Our favorite dipping sauce to go with hot chicken wings !
    It’s a no brainer for enhancing any BBQ sauce.
    Also, try adding a light spread to your next ham sandwich.
    It’s amazing.

    • Rochelle Anderson (store manager)

      Aloha Greg,

      Great minds think alike. We love the Lilikoi Chili Pepper Sauce with our chicken wings!
      I put it out as a dipping sauce with artisanal bread slices before a meal. It’s my switch up on the Italian olive oil and vinegar dip.

      Thanks for the great reviews and ideas!



  7. Lani (verified owner)

    Great ! I am using this sauce for dipping, marinating, and to add into my cooking. I bought this sauce several times.
    Keep up the good work

    • Rochelle Anderson (store manager)

      Thank you so much! This is one of our family favorites too.

  8. Tamiam

    At home we buy frozen coconut shrimp and dip in this sauce. OMG – it is sssssoooooo good. I have shared your website and my love for this sauce to many friends and family. Customer service is great. From order to door just takes a few days.

  9. Geoffrey Sagehorn (verified owner)

    Have been using this sauce for years or decades lol. This is my secret sauce from anything from salad dressing to adding it to all meat marinades. Love it with my artichokes

  10. Tom Johnson (verified owner)

    We first tried this product at the Kona Farmer’s Market and were blown away. Upon returning to our home in Springfield, Illinois we immediately ordered a case. That case went fast. This stuff is amazing. Our favorite use is as a salad dressing. We just received our second case and it’s been only six months since we were first tasting this. I cannot recommend this sauce enough!

  11. Starla

    Try it on your chicken wings and you will be in love!

  12. Sandy

    We use the lilikoi chili pepper sauce in almost everything – salad dressing, slaw dressing, soups, drinks, eggs, and on and on. It’s our secret ingredient.

  13. George Erdman

    Rochelle at Da Vine Foods has hit a grand slam with this delightfully spicy and passionately sweet sauce. Similar to the sweet pepper sauce traditionally used on Thai style crispy grilled chicken, this wonder full addition to my collection of spicy sauces has been a huge hit with the family. Try it! We really love it.

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Nutrition Information


Pure Cane Sugar, Rice Vinegar,Water, Passion Fruit Puree, Sambal Oelek, Raw Garlic

12 oz

Lilikoi Chili Pepper Sauce Nitrition Facts


The passion fruit chili pepper sauce makes a great marinade, salad dressing or simply drizzle it on veggies and grains.

One taste and you will want to put it on everything!

Passion Fruit Chili Pepper Sauce is handcrafted in small batches on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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