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Our Story


The inspiration for Da Vine Foods was sparked by our love of connecting with loved ones around the kitchen table, and our love of Hawaii. Since 2010, we’ve been hand crafting small batch, locally sourced passion fruit delicacies in order to share the colors and flavors of Hawaii with your table. Our products are a great addition to any meal or cocktail. We encourage you to try our recipes, as well as some experiments of your own. All Da Vine Foods products are naturally gluten-free.

Da Vine Foods began with two friends, Merry Ann and Rochelle, sharing life, gourmet meals, and cocktails at sunset. With their lilikoi vines producing an abundance of passion fruit, they instinctively started to experiment using this tangy and delightful juice. After they created the first Lilikoi Cocktail Mix, they began sharing it with friends and family. Everyone told them it was truly “liquid gold” and insisted they share it with the world. That is exactly what they started doing.

After the tragic loss of her dearest friend and business partner, Merry Ann, in 2016, Rochelle lovingly carries the torch of legacy forward, of infusing meal time connections with tropical flavors. We hope our products are a delicious ingredient in some of your favorite meal time memories.

Please share with us the ways in which you use Da Vine Foods in your home!
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“Da Vine passionfruit puree is my addiction! It is so deliciously tart I order it six bottles at a time and top my smoothies with it in the morning. It gives me that taste of Hawaii I need to get me through the day. The orders come super fast, too! Also delish for Lilikoi margaritas as well for those times I’m not on a health kick.”
“Reading everyone else’s reviews, I’m repeating their words. Customer service, exceptional, products are DIVINE from Da Vine, and we will be repeat customers true biz!”
“The Lilikoi Puree from DaVine is a wonderful way to explore the flavors of the Hawaiian Islands. I have used this product for chocolate fillings, which became a customer favorite and delicious rum drinks, dark rum paired with pineapple, lime juice and Lilkoi Puree is an instant party hit. In addition the customer service at Da Vine is excellent.”