Spicy Lovers Gift Pack


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Spicy Lovers Gift Pack

Spicy Lovers Gift Pack by Rochelle at www.davinehawaii.com
Spicy Lovers Gift Pack

I love a little bit of heat in my meals. This new gift pack fits that bill perfectly and is here just in time for the holidays.

Introducing our Spicy Lover’s Gift Pack. This lava-licious pack includes 2 each of our Passion Fruit Chili Pepper Sauce and Passion Fruit Pepper Jelly.

Both of these products have just the right amount of heat. On a scale of 1-10 they are about a 4-5 for most people. It’s more about flavor than heat; but does build and leaves that tasty, tangy passion fruit flavor on the tongue.

The sauce can be used to drizzle over grains, veggies, to marinade just about anything, or as a dip for meat, tofu or bread. The Pepper Jelly is wonderful paired with cheese. Think grilled cheese sandwich, spread over baked brie, or mixed into your cottage cheese.

Some do like it hot! I like it at no more than a 5! What’s your spicy number?

Lilikoi Chili Pepper Sauce

Pumehana, our Lilikoi Chili Pepper Sauce is handcrafted in small batches with ingredients from the Big Island of Hawaii.

It has both a savory and sweet flavor. Farm fresh lilikoi, Hawaiian passion fruit, blended with mild sun-ripened chili peppers and garlic to create an unforgettable and delightful taste.

This delightful condiment can be used as a sauce, marinade, dipping condiment and even a deliciously different salad dressing!

One taste and you will want to put it on everything!

Lilikoi Pepper Jelly

We call it Wela, which is the Hawaiian word for, “Hot.”

Our Passion Fruit Pepper Jelly is made in small batches with ingredients from the Big Island of Hawaii.

This tangy, sweet jelly has just the right amount of zing. It makes a great glaze for pork chops, ham, chicken or fish. Pair it with cheese and crackers for tasty hors d’oeuvres. Or simply spread it on your favorite bread and enjoy!

In this gift pack you get 2 of each, Pumehana 8.4 oz and Wela 6 oz.