Ro’s Passion Fruit Rita

Ro’s Passion Fruit Rita

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Here is a recipe that you can make ahead and keep in your freezer. When your guests arrive, fill their glasses and enjoy yourself and your company! It is a zesty Hawaiian version on the classic margarita (here in Hawaii we call this a Lilikoi Margarita).

Yield:1 CocktailTotal Time:


  • Li Hing Mui Rimming Powder
  • 3 oz. Tequila
  • 3 oz. Da Vine Foods' Lilikoi Cocktail Mix
  • 1 tsp. Orange Liqueur
  • Li Hing Mui powder
  • Lime Wedge
  • Ice


Time:Prep 3 Minutes
  1. Wet glass with lime wedge
  2. Rim glass with Li Hing Mui Rimming Powder
  3. Pour tequila, lilikoi cocktail mix and orange liqueur into a cocktail shaker filled with ice
  4. Shake well
  5. Strain into glasses filled with ice
  6. Garnish with a lime wedge
  1. You can make this ahead, store in your freezer and serve frozen when guests arrive. Simply use an ice cream scoop to fill the glasses after you have rimmed them with the li hing mui powder


Enjoy responsibly.

The Passion Fruit Lady

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