Lilikoi Cocktail Mix

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Our Hoaloha Lilikoi Cocktail Mix has been handcrafted in small batches with ingredients from the Big Island of Hawaii. It has a wonderful tangy flavor that is unique to Lilikoi.

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Lilikoi Cocktail Mix

Our Hoaloha Lilikoi Cocktail Mix has been handcrafted in small batches with ingredients from the Big Island of Hawaii. It has a wonderful tangy flavor that is unique to Lilikoi.

Lilikoi Cocktail Mix comes in two sizes; a 12 oz and 24 oz bottle. This mixer is great for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages alike. You can check out a few of the drink recipes in the section below.

For those who are a little more creative in the kitchen, you can cook the Lilikoi Cocktail Mix down and use it to create dressings and marinades. You can also use it as a substitute for any recipe that calls for lemon juice for a great Island twist to your recipes.


Water, Passion Fruit Puree, Pure Cane Sugar, Lime Juice

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Customer Recommendations

“We add it to our beer”. Susan from Arizona.

“We add it to our Mai Tais by using the Lilikoi Cocktail Mix in place of the pineapple juice”.  Ken from Kona.

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13 reviews for Lilikoi Cocktail Mix

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    In my opinion, the best lilikoi-derived product around. I’ve tried lilikoi butter, jam, and syrup, but the cocktail mix is the best. When friends try a lilikoi marguerita, they always want a second.

  2. Patrick (verified owner)

    This is my secret ingredient for lilikoi margaritas. The world might end if I couldn’t get this.

    • Rochelle Anderson

      Wonderful! I’ll keep your secret…maybe!

      It’s great to hear how much you enjoy our Lilikoi Cocktail Mix. Thanks for the review.



  3. Joy (verified owner)

    Makes the world’s best Mimosa with added Prosecco!

    • Rochelle Anderson

      Yummm! Passion Fruit mimosas are a favorite in our house too, especially around the holidays.

  4. Marlene iversen (verified owner)

    We bought 5 bottles and will evidently need to get more! I like to add it to my vodka tonic with a squeeze of lime. I use it in salad dressing too.

  5. Virginia Chapson (verified owner)

    I am a local wahine who grew up with lilikoi vines growing at home.
    The lilikoi we ate were not as sour as the unsweetened lilikoi product you carry or as sweet as the sweetened one. I mix the 2 together to get the taste I want.

  6. Patty Gardner (verified owner)

    This was so tasty! Made a lilikoi daiquiri. Took me to the islands with the first taste!

  7. Amy

    I first found this at the farmer’s market and fell in love. It’s great to bring the taste of the islands home, especially during the rainy Oregon winter.

  8. Donette

    I used it in my champagne!

  9. Jennifer Taylor

    One word, YUMMY! It makes a great curd by just adding a little corn starch and then heat to desired consistency. Great on cheesecake or between layers of cake, and then of course some in the icing.

  10. Pam

    Soooo good! I’ll be back to Kona in July and definitely will be purchasing more!

  11. Lyn Meyers

    We bought the Lilikoi Cocktail Mix at the Farmer’s Market from you. I’ve been using it to make fun cocktails all week. It’s running out and I have to order a supply to be sent to Minnesota so it’s there when I arrive home. I want to treat my friends to drinks with this awesome mix. Thanks for making something that allows me to take a sample of Hawaii home with me.

  12. Cassie

    I recently bought some of your cocktail mix, and love it! Thanks for letting me take one of my favorite flavors home from vacation. My favorite way to have it is with Kai lychee vodka and fresh squeezed Meyer lemon. So delicious!!

  13. Aaron Brown

    Adds a delicious zing to all my favorite drinks.

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