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Top 5 Passion Fruit Cocktail Recipes

Top 5 Passion Fruit Cocktail Recipes by Rochelle at

Top 5 Passion Fruit Cocktail Recipes

Passion Fruit is one of my go to flavors during Summer. It’s the perfect refreshing cocktail to enjoy on a warm Summer evening. It that amazing taste that makes it the perfect mixer for cocktails, mocktails, punch and teas. Now I realize that a lot of the areas in the USA have a hard time growing passion fruit or finding a source for the puree. We are a Hawaii based company that creates delicious, high-quality passion fruit products. Along with our products we create delicious recipes to enjoy those products with. So we have you covered on the Passion Fruit. That is what we do and only what we do!

Passion Fruit Cocktail Mix by Rochelle at
Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Cocktail Mix from Da Vine Foods in Hawaii.

Let me introduce you to Hoaloha, our Lilikoi Cocktail Mix. The name Hoaloha literally means a friend, a beloved companion. It was the very first product we introduced our company with. We have continued with this name because we understand the importance of enjoying a great drink with a good friend. We especially love to have a cocktail in hand as the sun sets after a good long day. Having that with a friend makes the experience that much more memorable.

In Hawai’i, the word we use for Passion Fruit is Lilikoi. It is pronounced lily, like the flower and koi, like the fish. Inside each piece of small oval yellow fruit is a pulp substance that has lots of little black seeds. Surrounding each edible black seed is a gel-like sack that contains the juice of the fruit. The skin is thick and firm and is generally not eaten. We strain the juice from the fruit and bottle it to make it shelf stable and ready for you to enjoy in your favorite drinks! Our Lilikoi Cocktail Mix is ready to add to any drink with no hassle!

Our Cocktail Mix has a sweet and tart flavor combo that mixes great with both the sweet beverages and the not so sweet ones as well. If you like things on the sweet side simply add a bit more of the cocktail mix. If you stay away from the sweet drinks, cut back a bit on the mixer. Typically, people use this mixer in tropical fruit drinks that contain rum, vodka, or tequila. However, we have wonderfully delicious recipes using the cocktail mix with champagne, whiskey, and gin as well.

Alcohol is not the only way to enjoy Passion Fruit Cocktail Mix. It is equally delicious in seltzer water, iced tea, punch, and lemonade.

The top 5 downloaded recipes using our Lilikoi Cocktail Mix are:

 1. Kahakai Mai Tai

Passion Fruit Mai Tai Cocktail
Be careful with this Passion Fruit Mai Tai Recipe, it’s a strong one!


2.  Lili-Coco-Tini

Passion Fruit Coconut Martini by Rochelle at
Lili-Coco-Tinii recipe by Rochelle at Da Vine Foods in Hawaii.


3.  Ro’s Passion Fruit Rita

3 Frozen Passion Fruit Margaritas
This frozen passion fruit margarita recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser.



4.  Mauka Mule

Passion Fruit Mule Recipe by Rochelle at
Mauka Mule Cocktail Recipe made with Passion Fruit by Rochelle at Da Vine Foods.


5.  Lilikoi Mimosa

Passion Fruit Mimosa Recipe by Rochelle at

Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Mimosa Recipe by Rochelle at Da Vine Foods in Hawaii. 

To access the recipes, you can click on the name or the photo of each drink. For all of our recipes using our Lilikoi Cocktail Mix, you can click HERE.