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Category: News & Updates

We love sharing about passion fruit, the Big Island, and Hawaii.

Beat the Heat and get a Hydration Boost

  Click on the recipe you would like to try: Passionate Ginger Whiskey Passion Fruit Gin Punch Mai Tai with Passion Fruit Pineapple Passion Gingerade Passion Fruit Margarita Passionate Mule Hurricane Passionate Iced Tea Passion Fruit Cocktail Mix that makes

Sustainable practices by Rochelle for

Happy Earth Day!

HAPPY EARTH DAY! What are we doing at Da Vine Foods for Earth Day? In January I made a resolution to work on our shipping. I want it to be completely sustainable by the end of the year. So this

Manta Rays by Rochelle for

You Don’t Want to Miss the Manta Rays

Have you ever swam with a manta ray? This is probably one of the most memorable trips that I have ever had, here on the Big Island. If you know me, you know that I love all things ocean, even

Passion Fruit and Peach Waffles on a table with a blue napkin

Passion Fruit & Peach Waffles

Featuring Lilikoi Coconut Syrup If I had the choice of waffles or pancakes, I would choose waffles 9 out of 10 times! While memories of my dad making banana pancakes on Sunday mornings fight to put pancakes in first place,

Passion Fruit Margarita Rocks or Frozen

Ro’s Passion Fruit Margarita

Passion Fruit Margarita Recipe Made with Da Vine Foods’ Lilikoi Cocktail Mix These Passion Fruit Margaritas make great “rocks” or “frozen” ritas. High quality tequila blanco (white), Passion Fruit Cocktail Mix, and high-quality orange liqueur (we like Grand Marnier), make

What Can I Substitute For Passion Fruit Puree

What Can I Substitute for Passion Fruit Puree?

If you have a recipe that calls for anything citrus you can exchange the juice of that citrus fruit with passion fruit puree in equal amounts. A lemon meringue pie can easily be made into a passion fruit meringue pie.

How Long Does Passion Fruit Puree Last

How Long Does Passion Fruit Puree Last?

This is a great question. Now that the majority of my clients are online and not at a Farmer’s Market, face to face, this seems to be my most popular question. My answer is, it depends on where you get

Polynesian Pulled Pork Tacos

We have collaborated once again with Mark and Angela from Cooking with Wine Blog. They created a delicious Mexican-Polynesian fusion dish with these Polynesian Pulled Pork Tacos featuring our Lilikoi Chili Pepper Sauce . Not only are these tacos incredibly

Passion Fruit And Your 5 Senses

Passion Fruit and Your Senses

So you’ve never had a passion fruit and you consider yourself to be an adventurous eater. Well, it’s about time you try this amazing fruit that we grow in the tropics of Hawaii. It is the perfect ingredient to give

What Is Passion Fruit Puree

What is Passion Fruit or Lilikoi Puree?

What is Lilikoi or Passion Fruit Puree? Let’s start with why this fruit has multiple names, Lilikoi and Passion Fruit, and so many more in other places around the world. I live in Hawaii. Here passion fruit is called Lilikoi.

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