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Ro’s Passion Fruit Margarita

Passion Fruit Margarita Rocks or Frozen

Ro’s Passion Fruit Margarita

Passion Fruit Margarita Recipe

Made with Da Vine Foods’ Lilikoi Cocktail Mix

These Passion Fruit Margaritas make great “rocks” or “frozen” ritas. High quality tequila blanco (white), Passion Fruit Cocktail Mix, and high-quality orange liqueur (we like Grand Marnier), make this simple, refreshing, marg! Margaritas are the ultimate warm weather cocktail and the perfect way to get through Summer! Did I mention how easy they are to make?!

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What is in a margarita?

Typically, margaritas include tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. You can find the margarita mixes that are pre-made but we prefer to make these simple passion fruit margaritas from scratch. The mixes are usually filled with loads of sugar, food coloring, and chemicals we can’t even pronounce. Using our recipe you’ll know exactly what’s going into your drink and won’t have to worry about additives.

3 Frozen Passion Fruit Margaritas
This frozen passion fruit margarita recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Rocks or Blended?

One of my favorite things about this recipe is that it’s great both on the rocks or blended! I keep them made up and in my freezer all the time. When people come to visit, I simply rim my glasses with Li Hing Mui powder, scoop in the margarita and serve!  You don’t need to use any special equipment to have them frozen, if you do it ahead of time.

I love drinking my frozen margaritas on the beach or by the pool. Either way, this Passion Fruit Cocktail is best rimmed with either salt or something a bit unique like li hing mui powder, which is our preference.


Li Hing Mui Powder is made with dried plums and has a little bit of everything sweet, salty and tangy all at once flavor. We highly recommend trying this unique to the islands, rimming powder. It is the cherry on top of this already tasty Passion Fruit Margarita.

I hope you, your friends, and your family enjoy this recipe as much as we do!


The Passion Fruit Lady