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Passion Fruit and Your Senses

Passion Fruit and Your Senses by Rochele at

Passion Fruit and Your Senses

So you’ve never had a passion fruit and you consider yourself to be an adventurous eater.

Well, it’s about time you try this amazing fruit that we grow in the tropics of Hawaii. It is the perfect ingredient to give your recipes an exotic taste that your friends and family will never forget. They’ll even be asking for seconds!

The info graphic above gives you a good idea of what your 5 senses would say about the fruit. All that’s left, is for you to try it!

You can check out all of our Passion Fruit (Lilikoi) products HERE.

We have lots of both sweet and savory recipes using passion fruit HERE.

Lilikoi is the Hawaiian word for passion fruit. You will see that we use the words interchangeably on the site.



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