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Passionate Ginger Whiskey Cocktail

Passionate Ginger Whiskey Cocktail by Rochelle for

Passionate Ginger Whiskey Cocktail

Whiskey, in my mind, is something for the colder months. This refreshing summer cocktail, however, has proven me wrong time and time again as I enjoy it all through the warm months (which is year-round here). I guess this is one of those cocktails that is great year-round!

You can find the recipe for the Passionate Ginger Whiskey HERE.


Lilikoi Cocktail Mix by Rochelle at
Passion Fruit Cocktail Mix from


Using the Lilikoi Cocktail Mix is so easy and it is perfect in a variety of drinks and cocktails/mocktails. It also blends well with different liquors, so you really can’t go wrong. Because of its sweet and tart flavor combo, this mixer is great for people who prefer a sweet and fruity cocktail and for those who tend to stay away from sweet drinks.


Passionate Ginger Whiskey Cocktail by Rochelle at
Passionate Ginger Whiskey Cocktail


The Passionate Ginger Whiskey Cocktail is our creation in an attempt to combine tropical lilikoi with whiskey. And – whoa, it is the bomb! The idea for this came from a Whiskey Sour. But it really isn’t that close in taste and has a completely different flavor profile. Our favorite part is the marriage of the passion fruit, whiskey, and ginger. Pressing ginger through a garlic press is a pretty good way to get it into your shaker so it will release maximum flavor. If you don’t have a garlic press, finely chop the ginger and muddle it slightly. The mint and lemon are added to round out the cocktail and provide the perfect balance!

Can I modify the ingredients?


You can certainly modify this to your taste by using more or less of any ingredient. Ginger and passion fruit are naturally perfect pairs so try not to omit that. But this drink is not on the sweet side, so adding a little simple syrup will give this a sweeter taste.

Passionate Ginger Whiskey Cocktail by Rochelle at
Passionate Ginger Whiskey Cocktail


What is the best type of whiskey to use for this cocktail?

We used Jack Daniels in this cocktail, which is our preference. But you can experiment with different whiskey or bourbon in this drink. We recommend Tennessee Sour Mash Whisky (think Jack!) but Kentucky Bourbon works well and so does Canadian Whiskey – like Crown Royal. You can certainly experiment with Scotch, Irish Whisky, Japanese Whiskey or anything you like. But the passion fruit is a surprisingly perfect pairing with whiskey, even in the middle of summer, so enjoy! And even if you aren’t much of a whiskey drinker you will be surprised by how delicious this cocktail is.

I didn’t come up with this recipe all on my own. I collaborated with the folks at Cooking With Wine Blog. They fell in love with our Lilikoi Cocktail Mix and couldn’t decide which of the two recipes they created to go with. So, they gave us both. Check out the Passion Fruit Gin Punch recipe in our cocktail menu to see the other recipe.

I hope you enjoy this cocktail. As always if you have a chance to make this cocktail, we would love to hear your feedback. When you post your photos to Instagram please tag us @davinehawaii so we can share in your fun.



The Passion Fruit Lady


Did you make this recipe? By Rochelle at
Did you make this recipe? By Rochelle at Da Vine Foods


Recipe and photos by Mark and Angela of Cooking with Wing Blog.