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Sweet and savory delights to enjoy!

All of our products are hand-crafted on the Big Island of Hawaii, made with love, and naturally gluten-free.

Passion Fruit Jelly

(7 customer reviews)

Our passion fruit jelly is made in small batches on the Big Island of Hawaii.

It has 3 simple ingredients, Passion Fruit, Pure Cane Sugar, and Pectin. It is perfectly balanced with the wonderfully tart flavor of lilikoi and a small amount of sugar for the perfect blend of sweetness. Whether used on toast, for a P B & J sandwich or spread on desserts, this jelly is sure to please any palette.

Sold in 2-jar packs, when shipped.

6 oz jars.

Passion Fruit Jelly by Rochelle for
Lilikoi Jelly on a Hot Buttermilk Biscuit


7 reviews for Passion Fruit Jelly

  1. Mary A. (verified owner)

  2. Luis Ramirez (verified owner)

    • Rochelle Anderson (store manager)

      Thank you Luis?

  3. Mark (verified owner)

    Discovering Da Vine Foods Lilikoi jelly was a real find. The flavor is amazing! My wife and I have been eating it on our bagels for breakfast since receiving it and are loving it. Looking forward to other uses as well. Truly having a bit of Aloha in our home.

  4. Greg (verified owner)

    I’m a Llilkoi jelly fan. It adds a spark to many food choices.
    I like to enhance my baked chicken with a last minute thin jelly coating.
    It gives each piece a glaze and the tasteful tanginess of lilikoi.
    Another favorite use of mine is to make orange jello and give
    each serving a teaspoon dollop. Its makes for a very refreshing
    dessert. Lilikoi jelly is as unique a flavor as the Island it comes from.

    • Rochelle Anderson (store manager)

      Aloha Greg,

      Great idea for a thin glaze on chicken. I do the same thing on Pork Chops.
      I haven’t tried it with jello yet. That sounds yummy!



  5. Candi (verified owner)

    I sent some to a friend in mainland . He called and said he now worships are the altar of lilikoi. So I have made another person aware of the wonderful fruit and am happy to continue onspread the word.

    • Rochelle Anderson (store manager)

      Aloha Candi,
      Thank you for the great review and for spreading the word about our lilikoi (passion fruit) products!

  6. Joyce

    I was born and raised on Oahu and lilikoi has been and still is my favorite tropical fruit. I’ve tried the lilkoi jelly, although, since I was a child I’ve always prefer lilikoi jam and Da Vine doesn’t have the jam, this one is very good. I just purchased the sample package with different lilikoi items for my sister to see what she thought. I think she’ll love them all.

  7. Arthur Ellison

    My name is Arthur, and I am now a Da Vine Foods Lilikoi Jelly addict!!! I just finished my first jar – unbelievably great flavor. My wife and I went through one jar in three days eating the lilikoi jelly on/with all sorts of things. It was good with everything. The store-bought we tried recently was junk – flavorless in comparison to this. I am about to buy a dozen more to give as Christmas presents to family & friends. I am very excited about this find – a reasonably healthy jelly!!

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Passion fruit delicacies hand-crafted on the Big Island of Hawaii, made with love.
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