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Passion Fruit Puree: The key to a happy kitchen!

Passion Fruit Puree: The key to a happy kitchen!

The key to a happy kitchen!

I have so many people stop by my booth at the Ho’oulu Farmer’s Market every Wednesday. One of my favorite questions to ask is if they have tasted Lilikoi before. If they say no, I explain to them that Lilikoi is the Hawaiian word for Passion Fruit. Then I give them a taste of our passion fruit puree. At least 95% of the time their faces light up and say Oh My Goodness, that is incredible! Big smiles and lots of questions about how to get it and what to do with it are almost always next.

It is one of those flavors that most every pallete loves. There are so many uses in the kitchen that it seems to make everyone happy. My favorite savory recipe is my Crispy Roasted Duck. Even the kids I had over that night loved it and asked for more. I can’t ask for more than that in this day of pizza, french fries and chicken fingers for kid food.

My newest recipe to add to your passion fruit puree collection is for a Passion Fruit Mac Nut Brittle. It is the perfect take along to an Easter Brunch. This dessert brings a little taste of the islands with the lilikoi and the mac nuts but is still a traditional favorite. I bet you can’t resist a little taste!

Why you are at it you might want to consider a Passion Fruit Mimosa for that Easter Brunch. It seems to be a Sunday or holiday brunch favorite for everyone. Be sure to put your Lilikoi Cocktail Mix in the flute first. Trust me, I have a fun story about this one I will have to tell you in another post.

Have a great Easter weekend.



PS. Don’t forget that this month’s special is our Passion Fruit Syrup. 3 Lilikoi Coconut Syrup bottles for $33.