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DIY – How to Juice Passion Fruit at Home

Lilikoi or Passion Fruit Defined by Rochelle at

DIY – How to Juice Passion Fruit at Home

So, you want to learn how to juice passion fruit at home?

You’ve gone out on a hike and hit a gold mine; passion fruit have fallen off the vine, all along the trail. You start picking them up as fast as you can! You stuff every pocket, your backpack and even put them in your shirt. You must have 30 or 40 of them. You head for home excited about your find.

Or maybe you simply grow them in your yard. It’s in season and the fruit are falling to the ground. You know they are ripe once they fall. Now to figure out how to get the juice.

Of course, you cut the first one open and eat its entire contents because you know the seeds are actually good for you; high in magnesium.

So, how are you going to get that deliciously tart juice separated from the seeds and fiber that are inside the fruit? As you cut into your first fruit this is what you see

Lilikoi or Passion fruit Defined


A lot of fibrous goo and seeds. The best thing to do is to cut the fruit open and scoop all the contents into a bowl.

From there I use one of two different methods. It depends on what tools you have at home. Most people have a fine mesh strainer. We’ll start with that method.


Cut open each of the passion fruits and scoop the contents out using a spoon. I cut more towards one end of the fruit, so I only need to scoop it out from one side.

Scoop all the contents into the strainer keeping a bowl underneath to catch the juice.


Now use a spoon to push the fruit back and forth in the strainer.

What you are trying to do is pop the little sac that is around each seed so you can get the juice out.


What you discover quickly is that of the 30 or so pieces of passion fruit you brought home, once juiced, you only yield about ½ – ¾ of a cup of liquid gold, Passion Fruit Puree!

While this fruit is so delicious and so good for you, it certainly takes a lot of pieces of fruit to get the quantity you need. Approximately 72 pieces of fruit will fill one 12 ounce bottle of Passion Fruit Puree.

I mentioned two methods. The second starts the same as the first. Cut the fruit open and empty their contents into a bowl.

This is a potato ricer. Normally used to make sure your mashed potatoes aren’t lumpy. The holes in the hopper are smaller than the seeds in the passion fruit pulp. It has a long handle so you can use leverage to squeeze out the juice.




Next, put about ½ cup at a time into the hopper and squeeze the fruit, over a bowl to collect the puree. Dump the seeds and do it again until you have juiced all your contents.



That’s it! It is definitely a labor of love and passion. Or you can simply order it HERE!

Aloha from Hawaii,