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The Magic of Magic Sands Beach

Magic Sands Beach by Rochelle for

The Magic of Magic Sands Beach


I live about 2 blocks from this beach. Every year (until COVID) my girlfriend visits with her daughter in February.

There is hardly ever sand in February. I don’t think she has ever seen sand at this beach. When I told her that it comes and goes like magic she was a bit skeptical.

I decided to go to the beach on a regular basis for 1 year and take a photo from the same spot so she could see the sand come and go.

Now I’m sharing it with you. This beach is called Magic Sands Beach. It is on the West side of the big island. Magics is a very small beach. There is only 1 life guard tower.

Look out when you visit this beach. My family calls it Tragic Slams Beach because the waves tend to break right on shore. The lifeguard announces regularly that it is #5 in the state for neck and back injuries.

If you decide to come to this beach you need to watch the waves before entering. Be sure you are comfortable with the size of the waves, and you have a plan for getting in and out of the water. There is frequently a rip tide right in the center of the beach. So be careful!

When the pandemic is behind us and it’s once again a responsible choice to travel, you might look forward to visiting this Magic place! Until then you can enjoy the photos 🙂