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What is Li Hing Mui?

What is Li Hing Mui Powder by Rochelle for

What is Li Hing Mui?

Li Hing Mui originally came to the islands from China in the late 19th and early 20th century. The Chinese immigrants brought the plums to the islands. They would take the skins of the plums, dry them and flavor them with prune and/or licorice, add salt and a sweetener, then grind them up. The name translates from Chinese to mean “Travelling Plum”.

Its flavor is sweet, salty and tangy all in one. The powder is most frequently used to rim cocktail glasses like margaritas and martinis. It’s not too salty or too sweet. It makes the perfect sweet and salty mix for rimming. Other uses include candy, pickled mango, dried fruit, malasadas (Hawaii’s donut), shave ice, popcorn, salad dressings, and meats. It has a flavor that is generally liked by all.

In Hawaii Li Hing Mui treats can be found at grocery stores, convenience markets, and bars. On the mainland you can find it in some Asian and Polynesian markets. If not, you can always order it from us HERE.

Li Hing Mui Powder (Plum Powder)