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Kailua Kona Sunsets

Exploring Hawaii by Rochelle for

Kailua Kona Sunsets

This is the first in a series of things to see and do on the Big Island of Hawaii.

If the islands were one big land mass, like the mainland is, the locals would consider the island of Hawaii to be living in the country. There are less people and they are spread out over an island that takes 5 1/2 hours to travel around by car. Yes, it’s very big!

As you can imagine there are so many things to see and do on Hawaii that just a few days would not be enough time to see it all. Hopefully, with this series of posts you will get an idea of what you would like to do and see so you can plan accordingly.

When you land here my first suggestion is this; No matter how many days you have decided to stay take about 30 minutes each night to do one thing. Enjoy the sunsets.

Kona is on the west side of the island and is known for some incredibly beautiful sunsets. Every night, about 10-15 minutes before the sun retires behind the ocean’s horizon you will see locals and tourists alike stopping in their tracks, looking west to watch the sunset.

You will see people along the beach, sitting on a sea wall, standing on their lanai or all gathered together peering out of a beach front restaurant, cameras in hand, simply to watch the sun go down.

It’s like we get a new artist every night at sunset. Each one tries to outdo the sunset scene that the previous one painted. The sky lights up one night with pink and purple while another night it will be more orange and yellow. Add the silhouette of some pam trees along with some shoreline rocks and you have the perfect photo sunset memory. Those photos will have your friends and family oohing and aahing when you share them back home.