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Hurricanes Galore

Hurricanes Galore

Hurricanes, Hurricanes, Hurricanes!

Wow! We have had a busy hurricane season this year. Since the mainland doesn’t get a lot of reporting on our hurricane season I thought I would update you.

The hurricane season is from June 1st through November 30th each year. This year we have already had 10 hurricanes named in the Eastern Pacific region and we are only half way through the season. Our season average is 16.

Luckily, they have all passed by us leaving us with unseasonably warm weather, high surf warnings, lots of humidity and a boat load of rain. Each morning we get up and go see the hurricane tracker on our devices to see if we need to prepare for the worst.

The screen shot above is from a site called  The little patch of blue, with a white outline, to the left of the middle storm is the Hawaiian Islands. All three storms Kilo, Ignacio and Jimena  were category 4 hurricanes as of August 29th.

Kilo, the furthest storm to the left, was tracking as a direct hit on the Big Island. Fortunately it passed by us to the south and then hooked to the west. As he passed the islands he had been downgraded to less than a tropical storm. After he left the islands however is a very different story.  He took a much unorganized path into open ocean and began gained strength.  He is currently a major hurricane but is not near any land masses. I hope he takes his anger out on the open ocean and dies away before hitting any land.

Ignacio, the storm in the middle that is closest to the islands, is a category 3 hurricane.  Since he is the closest to us we have been watching him like a hawk for the last week or so. He was originally headed right for the Big Island but is now tracking north of us. If he continues to track his current course we will be spared again. The most we will see is some wind and rain.

Finally there is Jimena on the right of the picture. At this point Jimena is a category 3 hurricane and is tracking 1230 miles east of Hilo at 16 mph. A turn to the west north-west is expected within the next few days. It is expected to weaken before it gets close to the islands.  Hopefully, that means we will be spared the brunt of a hurricane once again.

Each time we hear that a hurricane is coming we prepare as best as we can. So far those preparations have been kept to a minimum since they have all passed by.


This is a screen shot from showing all three of the hurricanes that started off the coast of Mexico and headed our way.

With the great web and news sites we have been informed very early on. Luckily, since 1949 until 2014 only 2 hurricanes and 2 tropical storms have directly hit the Hawaiian Islands. Let’s hope we don’t have any new statistics from this 2015 season.

Keep the islands in your thoughts and prayers as we continue through a very active hurricane season.

A few sites you can get more information from:

Hawaii News Now Hurricane Center

Pacific Disaster Center

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency

Earth: A global map of weather conditions

Thank you to all the well wishers of family, friends and Da Vine Foods clients. We will continue to be at the Wednesday farmer’s markets unless weather does not permit it. In the meantime, we will keep spending time with friends and family to enjoy our cocktails at sunset with our Lilikoi Cocktail Mix and dinners with all of our Da Vine Foods products.