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How Much Is A Passion Fruit?

How Much Is A Passion Fruit by Rochelle for

How Much Is A Passion Fruit?

This is a great question. I get asked this on a regular basis at farmer’s markets.

The answer depends on where you live. If you live here in Hawaii you probably grow it or know a place where you can pick it up for free along the side of the road.

However, if you live on the mainland the price ranges greatly. I have a client in Michigan that tells me they cost as much as $6.00 per piece of fruit. 😱WOW! That’s crazy! The average I have seen on the mainland is around $2-$3 per fruit. You can usually find them in a specialty ethnic food market, if they are in season.

Considering you get between 1 teaspoon and1 tablespoon of juice from each fruit, you are going to spend a small fortune getting enough puree to make anything.

That’s where Da Vine Foods comes in. We take the passion fruit puree, pasteurize, and bottle it so it is shelf stable and can be shipped to you.

We process the fruit in small batches right here in Hawaii. We add nothing to the puree. It is 100% pure making it very healthy.

You can check it out HERE