Passion Fruit Puree Gift Pack


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Passion Fruit Puree Gift Pack

Perfect for the baker/chef in your life!

Passion Fruit is a favorite tropical flavor of chefs worldwide. Here in Hawaii passion fruit is known as Lilikoi. Our Lilikoi Wai is literally just passion fruit puree, 100% pure. We have added no sugar or water to the pure lilikoi juice.

Use this as a great addition to your cocktails, desserts, sauces, dressings and marinades. This tasty aromatic tropical flavor is wonderful with both sweet and savory dishes.

Examples: Martinis, margaritas, mai tais, cosmopolitans, mojitos, cheesecake, ice cream, cake & frosting, sauces & marinades, salad dressings, curd, and jelly. Really the possibilities are endless!

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Weight 72.9 oz