Kona Gold Bundle


The Kona Gold Bundle features Da Vine Foods’ largest variety of passion fruit flavors. Entertain like you live in the tropics! When your guests arrive, start with passion fruit cocktails, perhaps a Mai tai or a margarita. The pepper jelly and passion fruit butter create an enticing and unique addition to any charcuterie spread.

Bring a little zing to every meal! The chili pepper sauce provides a perfect blend of tropical warmth…never too hot, but always full of flavor! Finally, finish your meal with a delightful hand-crafted passion fruit dessert. This bundle has everything you need to create an evening to remember!

Here on the website, you’ll discover over 100 free passion fruit recipes to help you, or that special someone, find favorite ways to enjoy all these tropical delights.

Hand-Crafted in Hawaii

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Kona Gold Bundle

This bundle combines these popular passion fruit flavors

2 Passion Fruit Puree Bottles 12 oz ea.

2 Passion Fruit Cocktail Mix Bottles 12 oz ea.

1 Passion Fruit Chili Pepper Sauce 12 oz

1 Passion Fruit Pepper Jelly Jar 6 oz

1 Passion Fruit Coconut Butter 6 oz

1 Li Hing Mui Glass Rimming Powder